1. retrofitcomics:

    A one page comic from We Will Remain by Andrew White about how some famous authors react to the world around them.  Now shipping!

    There are a few one page strips like this in the book. Order from Retrofit or order direct from me to get a drawing with your comic. I’ve figured out a fun way to rework the final page of the book with colored pencils.

    Reminder: if you’re in the Providence area, come to my signing this Saturday!


  2. retrofitcomics:

    Last night I turned a box of comics into these pile of copies of Andrew White’s We Will Remain!! Now shippping!!

    Finally available. I worked hard on this book and I would love for you to order it and read it and let me know what you think. You can see some pages from it here and here.


  3. We Will Remain back cover art. Printed copies of the book exist and this makes me very happy.


  4. I thought I would do a little post on the process for the cover of my Retrofit comic. 

    First I drew about a page of thumbnailed cover ideas, maybe 30 in total, in my sketchbook. I redrew the ones I liked best and sent that first set of 11 ideas to Retrofit publisher Box Brown. The second image represents another round of refining and emailing with Box before I drew the final cover.

    The color was quite a process as well, as you can see in the third image. (1) was my initial attempt. (2) was sent to me by Box along with a few helpful tips about coloring. (3) was my next attempt, and (4) is the final cover. Maybe I’ll post the color revisions for the back cover soon as well!

    That’s all. I hope this a little interesting to read. The comic will be out very soon following a short delay due to printing issues. You can still preorder it here.


  5. Here is a comic. It was originally drawn for my book We Will Remain. I decided to cut it both due to space issues and because it was not as linked as all the other stories thematically. I still like it, though. The tones came out nice. I hope you like it too.

    Preorder my comic here, or subscribe to Retrofit here.


  6. This page from my comic We Will Remain has been up on the preorder page for a while, so I thought I would share it here as well. This page is in fact from the story after which the comic is titled, and you might recognize that statue from the cover.

    We Will Remain is available for preorder from Retrofit Comics. I would also encourage you to consider subscribing to Retrofit’s 2013 line of comics.


  7. I made this drawing for Retrofit Comics. If a lot of people subscribe to their 2013 line you get stickers of this and other nice pictures. More info here.


  8. retrofitcomics:

    This is a short story you’ll find in the first Retrofit Comics release of 2013 We Will Remain by Andrew White.  

    As of this moment we only TWO more subscribers to reach our first STICKER GOAL

    Subscribe to a FULL YEAR of Retrofit comics (7 comics!)

    Subscribe to just the Spring Season of Retrofit Comics (3 comics!)

    I wrote a few drafts for the script of this comic and then drew the images on Post-Its, rearranging and adding and subtracting until I came up with something I liked. Then I drew the final draft you see here. I hope you like it.


  9. Here is the cover to We Will Remain, my upcoming comic from Retrofit Comics. The book contains 8 stories, ranging from 1 to 15 pages in length, and is 44 pages in total. I tried to pack it as full of comics as I could; most of the stories are fairly dense, and every single page in the book is full of comics! This was a fun project in that I pushed myself to work with different styles and approaches to storytelling with each of the pieces in the book. I hope that makes it fun to read.

    Pre-order the comic here.


  10. retrofitcomics:

    Order a Spring Subscription

    Order a Full Year Subscription

    Pre-order Andrew White’s We Will Remain

    Just got to the store!

    (Illustration by Roman Muradov)

    I spent the past several months working on a comic called We Will Remain for Retrofit Comics. It is their first 2013 release. It is a collection of short stories with a loose (or tenuous, or fabricated — your mileage may vary) thematic connection. It contains some of the best comics I have ever drawn.

    I will posting some more about the book and maybe some preview pages soon, though you can look at the few peeks that I have already posted. Please consider preordering or subscribing to Retrofit. Thanks!