1. So I happened upon a very unusual comic recently. It’s called In the Crack of the Dawn. A passing reference in Bart Beaty’s Comics Versus Art and a few other references I found online reveal little beyond what the final page of the comic itself says plainly: this was a collaboration between artists Matt Mullican and Lawrence Weiner, edited by Yves Gevaert and published by May 36 Gallery in Luzern in 1991. The back cover indicates that 100 signed hardcover books were printed, but it’s not clear how many copies exist of the softcover edition that I have.  Neither Mullican nor Weiner seem to have produced any other comics work.

    The comic itself is a very interesting abstract piece. One of the most compelling spreads is pictured here. I have the whole comic scanned; maybe I’ll post it online soon. If anyone can provide more details about this curious object please get in touch.

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  16. bustermoody said: looks cool. don’t know anything about it, but i’d definitely enjoy checking out the scans…
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