1. I thought I would do a little post on the process for the cover of my Retrofit comic. 

    First I drew about a page of thumbnailed cover ideas, maybe 30 in total, in my sketchbook. I redrew the ones I liked best and sent that first set of 11 ideas to Retrofit publisher Box Brown. The second image represents another round of refining and emailing with Box before I drew the final cover.

    The color was quite a process as well, as you can see in the third image. (1) was my initial attempt. (2) was sent to me by Box along with a few helpful tips about coloring. (3) was my next attempt, and (4) is the final cover. Maybe I’ll post the color revisions for the back cover soon as well!

    That’s all. I hope this a little interesting to read. The comic will be out very soon following a short delay due to printing issues. You can still preorder it here.

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