1. retrofitcomics:

    Order a Spring Subscription

    Order a Full Year Subscription

    Pre-order Andrew White’s We Will Remain

    Just got to the store!

    (Illustration by Roman Muradov)

    I spent the past several months working on a comic called We Will Remain for Retrofit Comics. It is their first 2013 release. It is a collection of short stories with a loose (or tenuous, or fabricated — your mileage may vary) thematic connection. It contains some of the best comics I have ever drawn.

    I will posting some more about the book and maybe some preview pages soon, though you can look at the few peeks that I have already posted. Please consider preordering or subscribing to Retrofit. Thanks!

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    period ends MARCH 22! Get ‘em while they’re HOT.
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    boy oh boy oh boy! I’m loving these subscription deals from alt-comics publishers!
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    I love to read so i go buy the book tis yar