1. Have the time and in the mood, plus I feel like I haven’t posted much online lately, so maybe send me a few questions to answer?


  2. I was reminded of this today — here are a few pages from a story that I cut from Black Pillars #2. After getting feedback from a few friends, I decided to cut this story and draw something else getting at some of the same ideas. In hindsight it was the right decision. The story that replaces this one in the comic is better, in my opinion.

    Maybe I will post the whole story online sometime? I’m not sure. There are things I like about it, but overall I would say this story was a failure! Or more of a failure than not, at least. But failure is important. So maybe it is worth sharing.


  3. Here is a page from a comic I am working on.


  4. madinkbeard:

    New anthology to accompany this show (which opens today in Arlington, VA). Features Warren Craghead, Sarah Ferrick, Andrew White, Bianca Stone, Barbara Bernstein, and me.

    Haven’t seen it yet except for Andrew’s and my comics which are both pretty cool (and collaborative).

    (via W Craghead - REBUS)

    The show is actually in Lynchburg, VA — so if you’re in southern VA, you can head there, but if you’re in northern VA come say hi to me and Zach Mason tomorrow. Everyone else should check out the anthology, which I think came out really well. More on my contribution here.


  5. On Saturday I will be exhibiting with Zach Mason, an excellent cartoonist and my Comics Workbook Magazine co-editor, at Smudge Expo here in DC. Look I made cardboard stands for my books and everything I am so prepared. I don’t know if anyone who follows me on this thing is in the area but if so you should drop by. I’d love to chat with you. 


  6. Inked those THB pages I copied yesterday. I like redrawing pages like this.


  7. As mentioned previously, I did a bunch of ink drawings several weeks ago and then recently tried to arrange them into a narrative and added words. I hope you like it.


  8. Wasn’t feeling the story I’m working on, so I redrew two THB pages instead.


  9. "Between 1888 and 1891 Monet produced a series of paintings of haystacks. Theme and variation had been integral parts of Monet’s earlier work, but the Haystacks were the first deliberate series. Fifteen of them were shown together, separated from other paintings, in an exhibition at the Durand-Ruel Gallery in 1891. During an interview with the Dutch critic Byvanck that same year Monet stressed the importance of seeing the series as a whole. He implied that to isolate a specific moment, by painting the subject only once, was to deny one aspect of reality: the passage of time. Because one moment exists only in relation to others, an individual painting could not convey the “true and exact” effect, as Monet called it, of the series as a group."

    - Charles S. Moffett & James N. Wood, Monet’s Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism


  10. "It’s unrealistic to expect someone’s emotional reaction to a project to match your own feelings about it after having worked on it for years.”

    I’m paraphrasing, but Dash Shaw said something along these lines to me at CAB last November. I’ve thought about it a lot ever since.