1. Another draft done, in the drawer, will look at it again in a few months


  2. Anonymous said: Will Comics Workbook Magazine #5 be available to buy online anytime soon? I saw that Copacetic Comics only has issues 1-4 for now.

    Hi! Yes, it definitely will. Apologies for the delay. I’m sure there will be info on the Comics Workbook tumblr as soon as it’s available.


  3. altcomics said: most panels from last year seem to be on youtube /user/SmallPressExpo/videos

    It seems there are still a bunch missing, no? But maybe they’ll all appear there eventually…


  4. SPX 2014

    At the Frémok table a voice behind me asked, “This is weird, but can I take a picture of your longbox?”

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  5. Anonymous said: hey andrew, i really dig your work. just wanted to let you know that your writing on comics section is glitched, it's just one long link to the same page. i wanna read some of those other articles! thanks

    Fixed, sorry for the oversight! Thanks for the heads up and for the kind words.



  6. 1. The comics I will have with me at SPX this weekend

    2. Where you can find me at SPX (K1B with Warren Craghead and right next to Telegraph Gallery), and where you can find the new Comics Workbook Magazine #5 (I2, manned by Frank Santoro, where I might also spend a little time)

    3. Cover for a last minute show debut (!), a collaborative split zine by myself and Warren.

    I won’t have anything else new, but I’d love to tell you about the different projects I’m working on now, talk to you about what you are reading, about what I am reading, or any other subjects of mutual interest. If you’ll be at the show please do come by.



  8. I look back over my creative output in the past…months? Year? Two years? I simultaneously feel I have produced too much and too little. Thoughts like:

    I need to produce more work, and feel more comfortable with throwing work away or maybe with sharing subpar work. I need to become more comfortable with not working, or planning for work, or being self-critical about my work, or otherwise take the initiative to actively improve the quality of my work. Creating art is a privilege and I should take it more seriously. I should avoid repeating myself. I should embrace repeating myself because some of my favorite creators have beautiful, fully formed bodies of work rife with repetition. I need to get back to writing regularly about comics. I need to stop reading comics for a while. I need to read all the comics I own and haven’t read. I need to get off the Internet. I need to write those emails I owe people. I should take up more non-comics personal projects, like working on my languages or reading Difficult Books. I need to stop whining, and certainly stop whining on the Internet. Et cetera.

    Somewhat relevant:

    “You can’t tear your hair because literary prestige attaches to a published novel rather than to a series of posts in the drafts folder. If something wants to write 19 hours a day and put the results in the drafts folder, you have to trust where it comes from.” – Helen DeWitt


  9. Hello! I just put the full, complete, final version of my comic Black Pillars online because I would like to make it easier for people to read it. Read issue one here and issue two here.

    Thanks, and if you read the comic I hope you like it. There are a few print copies of #1 and plenty of #2 left for sale. Or you can buy PDFs via Gumroad, or buy one of my other comics. You should not feel bad if you do not do any of these things. Bye.


  10. Drawing in ink can be really fun