1. Drawing in ink can be really fun


  2. Projects I’m working on now, all in various stages of completion


  3. Finished a draft of the comic I’ve been working on, hooray! Here is my little stack and then some early pages that have been discarded or revised. Now to forget about this thing for a while, get lots of reading done, start a few new projects maybe, and return to revise this within a few months.


  4. Here is the cover and a few sample pages from my new comic, titled My Name is Martin ShearsYou can order it online here. 

    This is a story about identity and perception, told in a series of short vignettes. It is 22 pages long. The covers are individually hand drawn, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and which seemed to be a good fit for this project.

    I also cut the price on my Variations/Deconstructions flipbook, because I want to unload the last several copies, so maybe pick that one up too if you haven’t.

    Thank you!


  5. 50 pages into this story. I’m thinking about shoujo manga and Mondrian, trying to use color and paneling/page layout as two central elements of my storytelling. I haven’t been able to get much drawing done this week, which is frustrating when I feel like I’m moving towards the end, like I’m on the precipice of completing a sentence or finishing a thought but still maddeningly far away. This one will probably just go online and not be printed, but we’ll see.


  6. I don’t know if anyone follows me here who isn’t familiar with Comics Workbook Magazine, which I co-edit. In any case, I hope you’ll consider getting in touch if this sounds at all appealing to you.


    Full submissions guidelines for Comics Workbook Magazine are now online (click through and scroll down). To be clear, this is ONLY for the print magazine – the Tumblr is not taking submissions at this time. These formal guidelines should have gone up sooner, as we have always been open to new writers. We apologize for the oversight. Please let us know if anything is unclear.

    - Andrew White and Zach Mason


  7. Hi! I’m going to be exhibiting at RIPE in Providence this coming weekend. Up top is My Name is Martin Shears, a show debut — it’s 24 b&w pages with hand-colored covers. It will be available online after the show.

    Also pictured are all the other books I’ll have available, including an anthology curated by Warren Craghead which features what might be my favorite comic I’ve made this year. I’ll also have display copies of Comics Workbook Magazine #1-4 for your perusal.

    Finally, I’ll be moderating two panels: one on poetry comics and one on webcomics. More info here. Times have yet to be announced, but I’ll update this post when they are.

    See you there, maybe? Please stop by and say hello!


  8. 20 Questions With Andrew White

    Research for a project led me to once again encounter Austin English’s old Twenty Questions with Cartoonists blog. If you’re not familiar, he asks a uniform set of interview questions to different cartoonists. They’re good questions, and for several of the people on the blog I would say this is among the most interesting interview they’ve done. So I think we should all answer Austin’s questions! I’d be interested to read your answers. Tag them #20questionswithcartoonists so they’re easy to find, maybe? It’s not narcissistic to answer interview questions on your own accord – well, maybe just a little. Still, it’s important to be able to talk about your work, and I’m sure people will find your responses interesting.

    (I’m talking to myself here. Convincing myself to post this. It got kind of long.)

    Anyway, here you go:

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  9. Still moving forward…on to a second draft now. Throwing out more pages than I would prefer. So it goes. This one will be 40-50 pages probably, paced nice and slow.


  10. I am more actively aware of my own privilege as straight/white/cis/male thanks in no small part to discussions happening in the comics community. I don’t mean to say I wasn’t aware of this previously, or that I only relate to the world through comics. I also recognize that there are many problematic things being said on these matters in the comics world. This is not me saying, “Go Team Comics” or anything like that.

    Still, I want to acknowledge the important influence that positive discussions in this community have had on my views, leading me to think more carefully about my actions and words in this context. I don’t talk about privilege and related issues as often as I perhaps should, even though I think about them a lot, because I don’t feel I am very articulate. I’m working on that. Even this is not very well put.

    But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who talks about these issues even when it is difficult. Please know that you are making a difference.